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    Here at Alutop Aluminium Co., Ltd. , We believe that integrity begins and ends with keeping our commitment. Alutop has incorporated and commenced operaton with principal business as an aluminium manufacture specialist in aluminium melting, extrusion and anodizing since 1992. With 17 years of production experience, we pride ourselves as one of a few companies in Thailand, Which able to supply all our products to not only in construction industrial, but also Furnituring and decorating OBM,

    We also believe to manufacture the fine outcomes, it requires good quality of raw material, modern and friendly environmentally technology in production. Here, we select aluminium coded 6063 and Australian ingot to make a billet before they go into our production line. After long and careful quality control process, only good quality product will be handed to ourcustomers.

    We also proud to supply some special service of aluminium products such as anodizing charcoal 512, powder coating, various degree of WHITE and flexible color powder coating to match to all customers’ demands.

    To better meet the needs of our customers, Alutop can provide solutions related to specific aluminium design and etc.

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